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How to best spend a weekend in Edinburgh

Nele/ June 20, 2017/ Destinations, Europe/ 2 comments

I spend a weekend in Edinburgh earlier this month. It was my second visit to this beautiful city after last year’s Scotland trip. It’s so unique, with its many old buildings and the history that surrounds everything. You feel like you’ve been transported through time to a former century. Except for the cars, that is. And there may not have been so

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How horrible is British food really?

Nele/ May 2, 2017/ Destinations, Europe/ 0 comments

Spoiler alert: the answer is not at all. British food does not have the best reputation. I well remember watching the comic Asterix in Britain as a child and laughing at how the English put everything in mint sauce. And my mum always talked about the terrible English breakfast. Since I have travelled to Britain myself, however, my view of British food has

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5 new things I just learned about London

Nele/ April 5, 2017/ Destinations, Europe/ 0 comments

I have been to London quite a lot in the last few years. To be precise, this March was my fifth time in the city. I travelled with two friends, one of whom was a first-time visitor. That meant we did a lot of the typical tourist stuff, visiting all the major London attractions that I’ve done plenty of times before. I

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How to spend a week in Brighton

Nele/ March 28, 2017/ Destinations, Europe/ 2 comments

Let’s face it, while Brighton is a beautiful town, there’s only so much you can do in it. It’s often referred to as “London by the sea” for the number of Londoners who swarm here every summer for some fresh sea-air, but the title is misleading when it comes to attractions and activities. While London is bursting with things to do, Brighton’s

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The day I met a ghost in Edinburgh

Nele/ November 15, 2016/ Destinations, Europe/ 0 comments

I realise this comes a bit too late for Halloween, but who’s to say you can’t enjoy a nice ghost story in November? And the best things is, this one really happened! Of course, my personal encounter with a ghost could not have happened anywhere other than Edinburgh, ghost capital of the world. Prepare to get spooked! When I visited Edinburgh for the very

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My 10 favourite London spots

Nele/ July 24, 2016/ Destinations, Europe/ 2 comments

After telling you about how much I love London, I decided it’s time to get a bit more specific. I wrecked my brain long and hard to decide on 10 places or attractions I want to introduce you to in more detail. There are lots of others I could have chosen, but all of the places in this list have managed to somehow

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Ghosts, fairies, and a wizard: Visit Scotland

Nele/ July 18, 2016/ Destinations, Europe/ 1 comments

While I was waiting at the luggage belt at Edinburgh airport, I chatted to a New Zealander who had been on my flight. He didn’t understand why I spent my summer holiday in Scotland instead of somewhere warmer and sunnier. Considering that it was pouring rain outside while we had this conversation, he kind of had a point. So, why Scotland? One answer

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Why I love London

Nele/ July 10, 2016/ Destinations, Europe/ 2 comments

London. You wonderful, mind-boggling place. Where do I even start? London was the first city I’ve ever been to in the UK. That was back when I was 18 years old. I stayed for a week, and everything about it instantly took me in. London was big, it was exciting, it was modern and yet so full of traditions. I loved it from the first

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Touring South West England

Nele/ June 25, 2016/ Destinations, Europe/ 2 comments

I’ve been to England several times already, but before last year I had never made it out of London. The only exception was one short trip to Manchester with my sister several years ago. We went to see a cricket match, and while we had beautiful weather the four days leading up to it, on the day of the game it was

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One short week on the Emerald Isle

Nele/ June 14, 2016/ Destinations, Europe/ 0 comments

Northern Ireland was beckoning me last summer, or to be more precise: Belfast was calling. That call happened in the person of an Aussie friend who was visiting university there for one semester. I didn’t want to miss the chance of seeing him while he was in Europe. When I told people about my travel plans the most common reaction was a shocked

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