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How to survive a trip with a travel blogger

Nele/ September 7, 2017/ Travel Advice/ 4 comments

The truth has to be told. It’s not easy having a travel blogger as your travel companion. I would know. I am one. Moreover, I spent a whole weekend with a bunch of them lately, as some blogger friends and I got out into the countryside to work on our blogs and chat about everything travel blogging. In between writing articles and

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The best tools I use for planning my trips

Nele/ August 17, 2017/ Travel Advice/ 0 comments

I have been asked more than once how I plan my travels, or whether I use any special tools I can recommend. So I decided to make a blog post about this, to let you in on all my travel secrets. Except, they really aren’t secrets at all. Just some trusted websites I have come to love and trust over the years.

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Thoughts on my first Africa trip

Nele/ July 27, 2017/ Destinations/ 2 comments

When I prepared for my first Africa trip I heard a lot of advice beforehand. Unfortunately, some of it painted a very negative image of this continent. Sure, there are the jealousy-inciting accounts of wildlife encounters and the amazing photos of the landscape. But then, there’s also warnings of crime and tourist-scams, the threat of exotic diseases, and the knowledge that culture shock

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How to deal with things going wrong on the road

Nele/ June 7, 2017/ Travel Advice/ 0 comments

We travel bloggers always like to talk about how great our travels are. We post beautiful pictures from our destinations and describe all the highlights. But of course, travel isn’t always perfect and fun. Last week I already wrote about a trip to Western Australia that had a lot of things going wrong. Stuff like that happens all the time, and while

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Why travel can make you lost for words

Nele/ May 16, 2017/ Travel Advice/ 0 comments

Have you ever come home from a trip, possibly even a months-long once-in-a-lifetime journey, and found that you are utterly unable to narrate your adventures in an adequate way? When you travel extensively you make uncountable new experiences. These can range from huge challenges that you never thought you could get through, to little anecdotes that seem inconsequential, but for one reason

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Why you need to start keeping a travel journal

Nele/ April 25, 2017/ Travel Advice/ 0 comments

Last month, while I was in Brighton, I spend the evening in my hostel room writing down the events of the day. I always keep a travel journal when I’m on the road, to make sure I don’t forget anything. I must have picked that up from my mum, who does the same. Anyway, some of the boys in the dorm noticed

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When airsickness becomes the least of your problems

Nele/ March 10, 2017/ Travel Advice/ 0 comments

I’m not a fan of planes. Never have been. I tend to get sick on them, especially on long flights. Even if I don’t, I’m glad for every minute I do not have to spend in a big box thousands of miles above the ground. Unfortunately, when you’re passion is to travel, flying comes as a necessary evil. I’m about to embark

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What compromises you need to make when travelling

Nele/ February 14, 2017/ Travel Advice/ 0 comments

Travel often requires compromising. That’s especially true when you travel with other people and you need to agree on an accommodation, an itinerary, or where to go eat next. But it’s also true for solo travel. So let’s look at some of the compromises you need to make when travelling. The two areas where this is by far required most often are time

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Privacy vs Socializing: How to chose the perfect accomodation

Nele/ November 1, 2016/ Travelling as an Introvert/ 2 comments

There are many things that need to be organised when you go on a trip. One of the biggest issues is the decision where to stay. It’s hard to find the perfect accommodation when there are so many options. Hotel? Hostel? AirBnB? Couchsurfing? Possibilities are endless. So are the differences between each style of accommodation. It starts with the prices, and goes on to

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And why group tours are great for everyone else, too!

Nele/ August 7, 2016/ Travel Advice/ 0 comments

After writing about the advantages of group tours for introverts in last week’s post, it occurred to me that they have in fact a lot to offer for travellers of any personality type. So for the sake of completion, here is part two of why group tours are awesome! With group tours, you get your whole trip organised for you. There’s a guide who gives you

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