4 ways studying abroad in Sydney failed expectations

Nele/ April 21, 2017/ Australia, Destinations/ 0 comments

When I spend a semester abroad in Sydney to study at Macquarie University, I had a lot of ideas about what that time would be like. As usual, however, reality turned out to be completely different. Some expectations might have been unrealistic from the start, some simply didn’t happen the way I thought they would. While none of these disappointments was in

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6 of the best memories I have of Sydney

Nele/ February 27, 2017/ Australia, Destinations/ 2 comments

First I have to admit that title isn’t quite accurate. I spent several months in this city while studying at Macquarie University, and had a lot of time to experience Sydney off the beaten track. It was a time filled to the brim with memorable experiences. They include spontaneous sitcom marathons with my roomies, pub-quiz nights with friends, morning rituals of Pilates

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