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How to deal with things going wrong on the road

Nele/ June 7, 2017/ Travel Advice/ 0 comments

We travel bloggers always like to talk about how great our travels are. We post beautiful pictures from our destinations and describe all the highlights. But of course, travel isn’t always perfect and fun. Last week I already wrote about a trip to Western Australia that had a lot of things going wrong. Stuff like that happens all the time, and while

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Hostel survival guide for introverts

Nele/ April 11, 2017/ Travelling as an Introvert/ 1 comments

Hostels are not exactly the natural environment for introverts. You’re constantly surrounded by strangers, there’s few places to withdraw to, and the need to make small-talk to new roommates strains our energy reserves. Every time I stay in a hostel I struggle with the stress it puts me under. Still, private rooms are not always a realistic alternative, not least for financial

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The myth of the extroverted traveller

Nele/ March 4, 2017/ Travelling as an Introvert/ 2 comments

There seems to be a general assumption that travellers are extroverts. People think that if you travel, especially when you travel solo, you have to be very brave and outgoing to do that. The truth is, travel is possible even for shy and introverted people like me. Only because I’m travelling solo, doesn’t mean I’m unafraid. I’ve already written about how I’m

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What compromises you need to make when travelling

Nele/ February 14, 2017/ Travel Advice/ 0 comments

Travel often requires compromising. That’s especially true when you travel with other people and you need to agree on an accommodation, an itinerary, or where to go eat next. But it’s also true for solo travel. So let’s look at some of the compromises you need to make when travelling. The two areas where this is by far required most often are time

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Australia and me – a long-term relationship

Nele/ February 21, 2016/ Destinations/ 1 comments

Next month it will be exactly 11 years since I went on my first trip to Australia. At the time I had no idea that this was the start of a relationship that continued to draw me back to the land down under time and time again. To this day, I have visited the country four times, coming up to a total

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Welcome to my blog: Finding your travel reality

Nele/ January 15, 2016/ Travel Advice/ 0 comments

Travel. It’s a glamorous word. Exploring new places, seeing the world, meeting new people and learning about their cultures, discovering yourself in the process. In my frequent daydreams I always see myself as an adventurer, a hero, someone who fearlessly crosses whole continents and surmounts every obstacle that may come in the way. I see myself delving into new cultures, being instantly

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