My 2017 travel highlights!

Nele/ December 19, 2017/ Destinations/ 0 comments

This year was one of much change for me. I already talked about how it influenced my professional life when I left my old job and started a new career. Today, however, I want to concentrate on everything travel-related that happened in 2017. There was a lot, and some of it represented long-existent travel goals. Let’s take a look at my 2017

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5 new things I just learned about London

Nele/ April 5, 2017/ Destinations, Europe/ 0 comments

I have been to London quite a lot in the last few years. To be precise, this March was my fifth time in the city. I travelled with two friends, one of whom was a first-time visitor. That meant we did a lot of the typical tourist stuff, visiting all the major London attractions that I’ve done plenty of times before. I

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My 10 favourite London spots

Nele/ July 24, 2016/ Destinations, Europe/ 4 comments

After telling you about how much I love London, I decided it’s time to get a bit more specific. I wrecked my brain long and hard to decide on 10 places or attractions I want to introduce you to in more detail. There are lots of others I could have chosen, but all of the places in this list have managed to somehow

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Why I love London

Nele/ July 10, 2016/ Destinations, Europe/ 2 comments

London. You wonderful, mind-boggling place. Where do I even start? London was the first city I’ve ever been to in the UK. That was back when I was 18 years old. I stayed for a week, and everything about it instantly took me in. London was big, it was exciting, it was modern and yet so full of traditions. I loved it from the first

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Visiting Shakespeare’s England

Nele/ April 29, 2016/ Destinations, Europe/ 0 comments

Saturday the 23rd of April marked not only the birthday of William Shakespeare but also the 400th anniversary of his death. To celebrate the event I’m taking a look back at my visit to Shakespeare’s England last September when I visited his hometown Stratford-upon-Avon and his workplace, the Globe Theatre in London. Though there were a lot of non-Shakespearean activities in between, the

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