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On a jinxed trip around Western Australia

Nele/ June 1, 2017/ Australia, Destinations/ 1 comments

Some years ago I took a trip around Western Australia. It’s a beautiful part of the country. Less crowded than the East coast, and with at least as much to see. I started out in Perth and first set out on a three-day trip down South, and then a ten-day trip in the opposite direction up to Broome. Both tours were organised

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And why group tours are great for everyone else, too!

Nele/ August 7, 2016/ Travel Advice/ 0 comments

After writing about the advantages of group tours for introverts in last week’s post, it occurred to me that they have in fact a lot to offer for travellers of any personality type. So for the sake of completion, here is part two of why group tours are awesome! With group tours, you get your whole trip organised for you. There’s a guide who gives you

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Why group tours are great for introverts

Nele/ July 31, 2016/ Travelling as an Introvert/ 7 comments

It doesn’t sound like group tours are something an introvert would enjoy, does it? Why would I want to put myself into a situation where I’m forced to spend day and night with a group of strangers? Sit on the same bus, sleep in the same room, do all daily activities together? I’m a person who needs time alone to recharge, who is

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