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A theatre-trip to Antwerp

Nele/ June 1, 2018/ Destinations, Europe/ 0 comments

For many years now I’ve been a member of the theatre group The Hamburg Players, and for even more years, the Hamburg Players have participated regularly in the annual theatre festival FEATS. No different this year. I was home from South America just in time to go to Antwerp, where the festival took place this year. How could I have said no

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How to best spend a weekend in Edinburgh

Nele/ June 20, 2017/ Destinations, Europe/ 2 comments

I spend a weekend in Edinburgh earlier this month. It was my second visit to this beautiful city after last year’s Scotland trip. It’s so unique, with its many old buildings and the history that surrounds everything. You feel like you’ve been transported through time to a former century. Except for the cars, that is. And there may not have been so

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Get to know the best Christmas Markets in Hamburg

Nele/ December 19, 2016/ Destinations, Europe/ 0 comments

It’s the season! For me, that means Glühwein, hot chocolate and all kinds of delicious treats on the many Christmas Markets in Hamburg. If you’re in the city and you need an overview of which one you should go to, here are my favourites. Winterwunderland Jungfernstieg The Jungfernstieg is one of the most beautiful parts of Hamburg, directly in the city centre

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Close encounters with an active volcano

Nele/ October 10, 2016/ Destinations, Europe/ 0 comments

While staying on Ischia I took a day trip to Mount Vesuvius and the old Roman city of Pompeii. The guide on the day trip was an Italian called Antonio. Fast-talking and completely unconcerned with the incorrectness of his German, he told his group everything about the volcano and the ancient city it destroyed. He talked about events from two millenia ago

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7 things to do in the Bavarian Forest

Nele/ August 29, 2016/ Destinations, Europe/ 0 comments

This year I visited the Bavarian Forest for the third time, with my friends and loyal Bavaria-travel-companions Nadine and Constanze. That makes it high time for some recommendations of my favourite activities in the region. So, here we go! 1. Take a boat tour on the Danube river – and visit Passau in the process Passau is the place where the three

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A day in Furth im Wald or: Meeting the Bavarian Dragon

Nele/ August 23, 2016/ Destinations, Europe/ 1 comments

Have you ever met a live dragon? No? Then you should visit the little town of Furth im Wald. It’s located in Bavaria, near the Czech border, and admittedly doesn’t sound like much at first. Certainly not like the dragon capital of Germany (if you even thought Germany had such a thing). But that’s only until you meet Tradinno. Meeting the Dragon

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