Barcelona Food Scene

Nele/ April 15, 2016/ Destinations, Europe/ 0 comments

One thing that totally blew me away in Barcelona was the food scene. I knew Spanish cuisine had a good reputation, but what I got dished out during my trip was outstanding. On my first day, the walking tour guide, Angelique, gave us tips on how to recognise a good restaurant: Never eat anything on La Rambla, with the exception of the

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How I fell in love with Barcelona

Nele/ April 4, 2016/ Destinations, Europe/ 4 comments

If you haven’t been to Barcelona yet, you probably heard a lot about it. After all, it’s one of the most visited cities in Europe. So your expectations may be high. Let me tell you: Barcelona meets them all! Have you ever come to a new place, one you’ve never been to before, and you felt instantly at home? Like you could move

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