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The best tools I use for planning my trips

Nele/ August 17, 2017/ Travel Advice/ 0 comments

I have been asked more than once how I plan my travels, or whether I use any special tools I can recommend. So I decided to make a blog post about this, to let you in on all my travel secrets. Except, they really aren’t secrets at all. Just some trusted websites I have come to love and trust over the years.

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How to deal with things going wrong on the road

Nele/ June 7, 2017/ Travel Advice/ 0 comments

We travel bloggers always like to talk about how great our travels are. We post beautiful pictures from our destinations and describe all the highlights. But of course, travel isn’t always perfect and fun. Last week I already wrote about a trip to Western Australia that had a lot of things going wrong. Stuff like that happens all the time, and while

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When airsickness becomes the least of your problems

Nele/ March 10, 2017/ Travel Advice/ 0 comments

I’m not a fan of planes. Never have been. I tend to get sick on them, especially on long flights. Even if I don’t, I’m glad for every minute I do not have to spend in a big box thousands of miles above the ground. Unfortunately, when you’re passion is to travel, flying comes as a necessary evil. I’m about to embark

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