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Experiences I made travelling as an introvert and tipps on how to deal with introversion on the road. Because wanderlust gets all of us equally.

The joy of long-distance bus travel

Nele/ June 5, 2018/ Travel Advice, Travelling as an Introvert/ 4 comments

The most common travel style to cover long distances in South America is by bus. I’ve heard lots of complaints about those buses before I got there. Often people ask me whether that’s not incredibly uncomfortable. I always say no to this. Not only because South American buses are surprisingly comfy, but because I’ve always kind of enjoyed long-distance travel. That goes

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The best spots in Santiago de Chile for introverts

Nele/ March 9, 2018/ Destinations, South America, Travelling as an Introvert/ 0 comments

Travel can be an exhausting experience for an introvert. As much as I love being on the road, I also love my alone time at home, being in a familiar and safe environment where I can relax. It can be a challenge to find that while travelling. Latin America, especially, does not have the reputation of being a particularly quiet or introvert-friendly

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A travelling introvert’s struggle to adjust to new places

Nele/ February 6, 2018/ Travelling as an Introvert/ 0 comments

For me, arrival day is always the worst. That can be the case for short trips, too, but it’s especially true for long-term travel. The situation when I arrived in Santiago was this: I arrived at the airport and made it through immigration. Thankfully without any holdup. I collected my bag, after needlessly having worried, for the last twenty hours or so, whether

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Hostel survival guide for introverts

Nele/ April 11, 2017/ Travelling as an Introvert/ 1 comments

Hostels are not exactly the natural environment for introverts. You’re constantly surrounded by strangers, there’s few places to withdraw to, and the need to make small-talk to new roommates strains our energy reserves. Every time I stay in a hostel I struggle with the stress it puts me under. Still, private rooms are not always a realistic alternative, not least for financial

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The myth of the extroverted traveller

Nele/ March 4, 2017/ Travelling as an Introvert/ 2 comments

There seems to be a general assumption that travellers are extroverts. People think that if you travel, especially when you travel solo, you have to be very brave and outgoing to do that. The truth is, travel is possible even for shy and introverted people like me. Only because I’m travelling solo, doesn’t mean I’m unafraid. I’ve already written about how I’m

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Privacy vs Socializing: How to chose the perfect accomodation

Nele/ November 1, 2016/ Travelling as an Introvert/ 2 comments

There are many things that need to be organised when you go on a trip. One of the biggest issues is the decision where to stay. It’s hard to find the perfect accommodation when there are so many options. Hotel? Hostel? AirBnB? Couchsurfing? Possibilities are endless. So are the differences between each style of accommodation. It starts with the prices, and goes on to

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