My life is not what I expected and I blame travel

Nele/ August 3, 2017/ Travel Advice/ 0 comments

This summer it’s precisely 10 years since I graduated school. And yes, it does make me feel old. It also made me think about what expectations I had for my life all that time ago, and in what way they have – or have not – come true. Because of this ten-year anniversary I recently reconnected with some old friends from school.

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How to deal with things going wrong on the road

Nele/ June 7, 2017/ Travel Advice/ 0 comments

We travel bloggers always like to talk about how great our travels are. We post beautiful pictures from our destinations and describe all the highlights. But of course, travel isn’t always perfect and fun. Last week I already wrote about a trip to Western Australia that had a lot of things going wrong. Stuff like that happens all the time, and while

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Why travel can make you lost for words

Nele/ May 16, 2017/ Travel Advice/ 0 comments

Have you ever come home from a trip, possibly even a months-long once-in-a-lifetime journey, and found that you are utterly unable to narrate your adventures in an adequate way? When you travel extensively you make uncountable new experiences. These can range from huge challenges that you never thought you could get through, to little anecdotes that seem inconsequential, but for one reason

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Why you need to start keeping a travel journal

Nele/ April 25, 2017/ Travel Advice/ 0 comments

Last month, while I was in Brighton, I spend the evening in my hostel room writing down the events of the day. I always keep a travel journal when I’m on the road, to make sure I don’t forget anything. I must have picked that up from my mum, who does the same. Anyway, some of the boys in the dorm noticed

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When airsickness becomes the least of your problems

Nele/ March 10, 2017/ Travel Advice/ 0 comments

I’m not a fan of planes. Never have been. I tend to get sick on them, especially on long flights. Even if I don’t, I’m glad for every minute I do not have to spend in a big box thousands of miles above the ground. Unfortunately, when you’re passion is to travel, flying comes as a necessary evil. I’m about to embark

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What compromises you need to make when travelling

Nele/ February 14, 2017/ Travel Advice/ 0 comments

Travel often requires compromising. That’s especially true when you travel with other people and you need to agree on an accommodation, an itinerary, or where to go eat next. But it’s also true for solo travel. So let’s look at some of the compromises you need to make when travelling. The two areas where this is by far required most often are time

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Should you have a bucket list?

Nele/ January 24, 2017/ Travel Advice/ 0 comments

Most travellers I’ve met have a bucket list with all the places they want to see and the things they want to do. It doesn’t have to be an actual list, anything physically written down. It might just be in your head. Whenever you see or hear about some destination you think “oh yes, I want to go there!” But then, some

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In the coming year I’m choosing happiness

Nele/ December 30, 2016/ Travel Advice/ 2 comments

Today was my last day in the office. Three months ago I decided to quit my job, and now the day has come that I’m leaving. From 2017 on I will be a freelance writer and traveller, making a living of the two things I enjoy doing the most. The job I had – and why I needed to leave I was

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What to be thankful for on the road

Nele/ November 28, 2016/ Travel Advice/ 0 comments

Last week Americans celebrated Thanksgiving. While we don’t have that holiday in Germany, it still made me think about the things I’m grateful for. After all, Christmas time is great for that kind of inspection, isn’t it? There is a lot I could mention in this context, but I want to concentrate on one specific blessing I’ve encountered on the road. Something that’s so easy

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