How to deal with things going wrong on the road

Nele/ June 7, 2017/ Introvert Travel Tips/ 0 comments

We travel bloggers always like to talk about how great our travels are. We post beautiful pictures from our destinations and describe all the highlights. But of course, travel isn’t always perfect and fun. Last week I already wrote about a trip to Western Australia that had a lot of things going wrong. Stuff like that happens all the time, and while

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Hostel survival guide for introverts

Nele/ April 11, 2017/ Introvert Travel Tips/ 5 comments

Hostels are not exactly the natural environment for introverts. You’re constantly surrounded by strangers, there’s few places to withdraw to, and the need to make small-talk to new roommates strains our energy reserves. Every time I stay in a hostel I struggle with the stress it puts me under. Still, private rooms are not always a realistic alternative, not least for financial

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What compromises you need to make when travelling

Nele/ February 14, 2017/ Introvert Travel Tips/ 0 comments

Travel often requires compromising. That’s especially true when you travel with other people and you need to agree on an accommodation, an itinerary, or where to go eat next. But it’s also true for solo travel. So let’s look at some of the compromises you need to make when travelling. The two areas where this is by far required most often are time

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Should you have a bucket list?

Nele/ January 24, 2017/ Introvert Travel Tips/ 0 comments

Most travellers I’ve met have a bucket list with all the places they want to see and the things they want to do. It doesn’t have to be an actual list, anything physically written down. It might just be in your head. Whenever you see or hear about some destination you think “oh yes, I want to go there!” But then, some

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Privacy vs Socializing: How to chose the perfect accomodation

Nele/ November 1, 2016/ Introvert Travel Tips/ 2 comments

There are many things that need to be organised when you go on a trip. One of the biggest issues is the decision where to stay. It’s hard to find the perfect accommodation when there are so many options. Hotel? Hostel? AirBnB? Couchsurfing? Possibilities are endless. So are the differences between each style of accommodation. It starts with the prices, and goes on to

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And why group tours are great for everyone else, too!

Nele/ August 7, 2016/ Introvert Travel Tips/ 0 comments

After writing about the advantages of group tours for introverts in last week’s post, it occurred to me that they have in fact a lot to offer for travellers of any personality type. So for the sake of completion, here is part two of why group tours are awesome! With group tours, you get your whole trip organised for you. There’s a guide who gives you

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Why group tours are great for introverts

Nele/ July 31, 2016/ Introvert Travel Tips/ 7 comments

It doesn’t sound like group tours are something an introvert would enjoy, does it? Why would I want to put myself into a situation where I’m forced to spend day and night with a group of strangers? Sit on the same bus, sleep in the same room, do all daily activities together? I’m a person who needs time alone to recharge, who is

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