How to survive a trip with a travel blogger

Nele/ September 7, 2017/ Introvert Travel Stories/ 4 comments

The truth has to be told. It’s not easy having a travel blogger as your travel companion. I would know. I am one. Moreover, I spent a whole weekend with a bunch of them lately, as some blogger friends and I got out into the countryside to work on our blogs and chat about everything travel blogging. In between writing articles and

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Why travel can make you lost for words

Nele/ May 16, 2017/ Introvert Travel Stories/ 0 comments

Have you ever come home from a trip, possibly even a months-long once-in-a-lifetime journey, and found that you are utterly unable to narrate your adventures in an adequate way? When you travel extensively you make uncountable new experiences. These can range from huge challenges that you never thought you could get through, to little anecdotes that seem inconsequential, but for one reason

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The myth of the extroverted traveller

Nele/ March 4, 2017/ Introvert Travel Stories/ 2 comments

There seems to be a general assumption that travellers are extroverts. People think that if you travel, especially when you travel solo, you have to be very brave and outgoing to do that. The truth is, travel is possible even for shy and introverted people like me. Only because I’m travelling solo, doesn’t mean I’m unafraid. I’ve already written about how I’m

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What to be thankful for on the road

Nele/ November 28, 2016/ Introvert Travel Stories/ 0 comments

Last week Americans celebrated Thanksgiving. While we don’t have that holiday in Germany, it still made me think about the things I’m grateful for. After all, Christmas time is great for that kind of inspection, isn’t it? There is a lot I could mention in this context, but I want to concentrate on one specific blessing I’ve encountered on the road. Something that’s so easy

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Travelling and Theatre – activities for an introvert?

Nele/ February 14, 2016/ Introvert Travel Stories/ 0 comments

When I’m not travelling or planning the next trip, one of my main occupations is doing theatre. I’m part of the English-speaking theatre group Hamburg Players, and we just finished our February production. This time round I was working behind the scenes as a prompt. For our next play, 12 Angry Men, I will be assistant director. It’s a task I look forward to with

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Am I missing out because I’m introverted?

Nele/ February 5, 2016/ Introvert Travel Stories/ 0 comments

Travelling is not a privilege of the extroverted, and neither should it be. I have never considered not doing a trip only because I happen to be a quiet person. What I have done, however, more often than I should, is wonder whether my introvert travel style was lacking in any way lacking compared to that of an extrovert. How is introvert travel

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Welcome to my blog: Finding your travel reality

Nele/ January 15, 2016/ Introvert Travel Stories/ 0 comments

Travel. It’s a glamorous word. Exploring new places, seeing the world, meeting new people and learning about their cultures, discovering yourself in the process. In my frequent daydreams I always see myself as an adventurer, a hero, someone who fearlessly crosses whole continents and surmounts every obstacle that may come in the way. I see myself delving into new cultures, being instantly

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