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Here you can find all the posts on specific destinations. If you’re looking for an account of my journeys, or my most entertaining travel stories, this is the place to go. Along with descriptions of my travels there are also tipps and recommendations based on my experiences in these places.

Travelling up the coast of Northern Chile

Nele/ June 17, 2018/ Destinations/ 0 comments

Northern Chile is more than the only Atacama. It’s also a lot of cute little coastal towns with amazing beaches, stunning backdrops and loads of fun activities to keep you occupied. Let me give you an overview of the places I visited between Santiago and the Peruvian border and all the stuff you can do there. Valparaiso and Viña del Mar I’m

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A theatre-trip to Antwerp

Nele/ June 1, 2018/ Destinations/ 0 comments

For many years now I’ve been a member of the theatre group The Hamburg Players, and for even more years, the Hamburg Players have participated regularly in the annual theatre festival FEATS. No different this year. I was home from South America just in time to go to Antwerp, where the festival took place this year. How could I have said no

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Escape to La Serena on Chile’s Northern coast

Nele/ May 28, 2018/ Destinations/ 0 comments

If you’re looking to spend some time in a cute little student’s town with a beautiful beach, look no further than La Serena. About six hours on the bus from Santiago, this coastal town in Northern Chile has it all: a beautiful beach, a lot of nice restaurants and cafes, and impressive day-trip destinations all around. I spent a great four days

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Laguna Roja: one of Chile’s hidden beauties

Nele/ May 11, 2018/ Destinations/ 0 comments

Do you want a top tip for a landscape highlight in Northern Chile that is not yet completely overrun by tourists? Of course you do. Here we go: The Laguna Roja near Iquique! Well, I say near. It’s actually like a five-hour drive away, and about 4000 metres difference in altitude… but we’ll get to that. The Laguna Roja is one of

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The best places to explore from San Pedro de Atacama

Nele/ March 27, 2018/ Destinations/ 0 comments

San Pedro de Atacama itself really hasn’t all that much to offer. The reason why everyone is going there regardless is that it’s the gateway to Chile’s Atacama desert, one of the country’s most popular destinations. No question that I took the first chance to go there myself! From hitting all the outstanding nature spots to more active stuff like sand boarding,

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4 days on Chile’s coast: Valparaiso and Viña del Mar

Nele/ March 13, 2018/ Destinations/ 0 comments

When I had a few days off between my stay in Santiago and flying to the Atacama, I knew immediately I wanted to spend it on the coast. From Santiago, there are basically two options: Valparaiso and Viña del Mar. The majority of people I talked to agreed that Valparaiso is a lot more interesting, so I decided to stay there during

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A day out hiking the Chilean Andes at Cajon del Maipo

Nele/ March 2, 2018/ Destinations/ 0 comments

When I had been in Santiago for two weeks without ever being out of the city, I couldn’t wait to see something more of Chile, especially some of its famed nature. I decided to do a day trip to Cajon del Maipo to go hiking the Chilean Andes.  Cajon del Maipo is an area in the Andes of central Chile, close to Santiago. To

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My first 10 days in Santiago de Chile in pictures

Nele/ February 13, 2018/ Destinations/ 0 comments

I have now been in Santiago de Chile for 10 days exactly, so it’s time for a first resume. I really like the city so far, there’s lots of interesting stuff to do and different neighbourhoods to explore. So I thought I could just show you some of my favourite pictures of Santiago and tell you the story behind them. This is

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My 2017 travel highlights!

Nele/ December 19, 2017/ Destinations/ 0 comments

This year was one of much change for me. I already talked about how it influenced my professional life when I left my old job and started a new career. Today, however, I want to concentrate on everything travel-related that happened in 2017. There was a lot, and some of it represented long-existent travel goals. Let’s take a look at my 2017

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