About Me Global Introvert

There’s so many of us introverted travellers out there, exploring the world in our own quiet ways. My motivation is to help each of them reach their potential and realise their travel dreams!

I’m an introvert and a travel addict.

The latter was always clear to me. I inherited my wanderlust from my parents, who are avid travellers themselves. They took me and my sister on various trips from when I was a baby. I can’t even remember a time when I was not excited about seeing other countries and experiencing other cultures. When I grew older I started discovering solo travel and it has changed my life. My love of travel has gone so far that I left my soul-sucking nine-to-five office job in late 2016 to become a location-independent freelance writer.

As for introversion, that was a less positive path for a long time. I was extremely shy as a child. Even when that shyness receded – not least thanks to travelling – the introversion stayed. However, I didn’t truly understand it until I was well into my twenties. I studied English literature and psychology at Hamburg University. The latter helped me a lot to learn about the reasons behind my own behaviour. I finally understood that it was perfectly okay to be this way.

This is an experience many introverts share. Like many others, learning about introversion helped me come to terms with my quiet nature. I accepted I would never be that outgoing girl I had dreamed of being. I would never be the one who chatted up total strangers and was the life of the party. But there was no reason I couldn’t be the self-confident traveller and explorer I wanted to be even more than the popular it-girl.

About Me Global Introvert

Why I started this blog

We live in a society that adores extrovert values, and travel is no different. The average traveller is most typically represented as someone who is outspoken, not afraid to approach people, and socializing easily. I am none of those things, but the wanderlust that affected me from an early age didn’t care about that. For which I am glad. My desire to travel has allowed me to do things I would never have believed myself capable of. Eventually, I understood that introversion is not an obstacle to travel. It can, in fact, be an asset.

I take every chance I get to explore this beautiful planet of ours. Introversion has never been a hindrance, except when my shyness made me doubt myself so much that it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. But if I can move to the other end of the world as an introvert and travel around solo, then so can you. I started this blog to help other introverts live their travel dreams, by showing them that we are no less capable of pursuing our goals than any extrovert out there.

Being a traveller and an introvert is not a contradiction. It’s a way of life.

About Me Global Introvert

If you like more information on how to make your introversion a travel asset, head over to the “introvert travel tips”-category.

About Me Global Introvert